All Aflutter



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"Can you see the gap in the circle?" - Game Description

All Aflutter is a game in the Mona section of Diamond Software.


To complete this game, you must look at the gap in the tiny circle in the middle, which is blocked by a flying butterfly that occasionally (and briefly) reveals the circle. There are four speech bubbles, each of which are on a different side of the screen, which say their respective sides (i.e., "left" is on the left side of the screen). Tap the speech bubble that says which side of the circle the gap is on to win. The butterfly will fly away, and confetti will rain down.

If you press the wrong bubble, however, the butterfly disappears, the screen freezes, and you automatically lose the game. You only get one chance, so pick carefully!


  • The butterfly in this game is borrowed in Lesson 3 of "Making Games" in D.I.Y. 101.
  • A loose reference to this gapped circle is in Technique 28 of the Assembly Dojo.

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