D.I.Y. 101 is a series of Super Makermatic 21 lessons provided by Penny Crygor, the granddaughter of Dr. Crygor, the person who invented the Super Makermatic 21.

Making GamesEdit

Making Games is the first lesson the player takes in D.I.Y. 101. Making games is generally harder than producing records and comics, so three unique games are made in this lesson. Game making is also a longer process, so the lessons are divided into individual steps.

Wario is also with Penny for experimental reasons, a little comedy, and asking questions the player might have. (The D.I.Y. Forum also does this.)

Lesson 1Edit

Lesson 1 deals with making a very easy, simple game just for purposes of teaching the player the basics. The title for the game is "Ladybug", as the player must simply tap the big ladybug in the middle of the game screen. When this is done, the ladybug will run away and the player wins the game.

Step 1: How do you make games?Edit

Penny goes over the basics of the structure of a game. A player will need to make a background, objects, music, and AI (Action Instructions).

Step 2: Drawing the background!Edit

The background, which consists of a grassy ground scattered with bushes and rocks, is drawn.

Topics covered:

  • Fill tool
  • Palettes
  • Stamps
  • Orientation tool

Step 3: Drawing an object!Edit

The ladybug, which is animated to wiggle, is drawn.

Topics covered:

  • Shapes tool
  • Concept of animation
  • Adding cells
  • Trace display tool

Step 4: Making music!Edit

A "phrase" is composed, which is the music played in the game.

Topics covered:

  • Note marker/eraser tools
  • Navigating the phrase editing screen (switching pages, track cursor, etc.) and reading time and pitch
  • Using tracks to make a harmony
  • Frame tool: Copy
  • Rhythm track