Wario Ware DIY Boxart

Wario Ware DIY is a Nintendo DS game that was released on March 28 2010 in the U.S. The game allows players to create their own microgames up to 16 seconds in length. Players can also play from the pre-installed games made from characters like Orbulon, Ashley, and Mona. Players can also download weekly games via wireless internet connection, and enter contests like The Warios Contest which is currently running. DIY is published by Nintendo and developed by Intelligent Systems.

Release and SalesEdit

Wario Ware DIY was released on March 28 2010 in the U.S. April 30th 2010 in Europe, and April 29th 2009 in Japan. Sales are unknown in the U.S. and Europe, however, sales in Japan as of May 31st 2009 had reached 156,692 copies.


There are several ways to get games in DIY. The first is to make them, if you want, you can create a page about a microgame that you have made and share it with the world. Second, play pre-installed games. You can play games like Hurdling On created by Jimmy T. or Dance Dudes created by Orbulon. Plus you can download games like, Finger Flex from the Distribution Center. Big Name Games are also available which are created by popular Nintendo workers and designers. You can also get games from friends that own DIY. Finally, you can trade games with Wario Ware DIY Showcase on WiiWare via DS Download Service. The possibilities are endless, check out are articles on nearly every game on DIY, and feel free to add your own!