The Logo For WarioWare DIY Showcase

WarioWare DIY Showcase, Is A WiiWare Game About Showing Off Your Micro Games, Music And Comics (For A Total Of 135 Games, Comics And Music).


This Game Dosen't REALLY Have A Story. All We Know, Is That Wario-Man Has A Store.


Showcase (As It's Reffered To As) Has 6 From Wario-Man Software And 6 From Yours, With The 3 Mix Stages With BOTH Your Games AND Wario-Man's (For A Grand Total Of 15 Stages, Each With A Diffrent Theme)..

Here Are That Stages:

  • Wario-Man (Games About Wario)
  • Dribble & Spitz (Si-Fi And Action)
  • Kat & Ana (Animals)
  • 18-Volt (Old-School Nintendo)
  • Wario-Man Software Normal Mix (The Above 4 Combined)
  • Wario-Man Software Hard Mix (The One Above, But REALLY FAST!)
  • DIY Blenders 1-4 (Each's Diffrent)
  • DIY Blenders Normal/Hard Mix (Same As Wario-Man Software, But Your Own)
  • Both Normal/Hard Mix (Same As DIY Blenders & Wario-Man Software)
  • Both Mirror Mix (Mirrored. Go Figure.)


The Music In Showcase Can Be Played In 2 Modes:

  1. Normal. Tilt The WiiMote To Control Speed (I Think)
  2. Ballon Fighter. Use The WiiMote To Hit Notes.


See Also List Of Showcase Comics

The Comics In Showcase Aren't That Different From DIY. The Only Diffrence, Are The Screens.


Coming Soon